2018-02-19 CrossFit Nation, Easton Nutritionist, Personal Trainer


Warm up:  200m Row,  3x 10 each:  air squats or pistols,  light kbs, walking lunge,  banded walking steps all directios, hip bridge with band on.  (8 min cap)

Adaptive: 10 cal bike,  3x10 each:  seated banded abduction, unweighted hip bridge, draw the sword, external rotation (t band) 

Met con: 7 min amrap
30 kb swings 70/53lb
10 pistols (alternating) or 20 air squats if you don't have pistols.  Do not pull out the bands for modifications. 

Adaptive:  30 banded seated rows, 8 cal bike

Deadlift-light and quick 15 min cap
10-10-10-10-10 reps

Adaptive:  hip bridges: 5 sets of 10 with barbell

Barbell efficiency:
4 rounds:
Touch and go (speed and efficiency, be consistent)
10 sec on 20 sec off:
Clean and jerk @ 50% (light)
Into, 4 rounds: (add a little weight)
10 sec on 20 sec off:
Clean and jerk @ 60% (a little heavier)

Adaptive:  muscle clean and press

Shoulder mobility


WArm up:  BIKE 10 cal, then 3 sets:  25 SU, 30s samson stretch each side, 5 bear complexes

Conditioning 1
10,9,8 etc to 1 reps of:
Plate ground to OH (or Sandbag) 45/35lb
OH plate lunge 45/35lb
200m run between rounds

1 min: 30-40 double unders
2 min: 45 sec weighted prone hold 45/35lb
3 min: 10 wall balls

Warm up:  Bike/Row 2 minutes, 3 sets: banded walks, 3 strict pull ups, 5 push ups, 7 air squats


75 Back Squats 50% of 1RM
*Everytime you stop complete 1 rounds of Cindy (5 Pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 air squats)
Adjust reps as needed for experience. STopping means you took more than 1 breath at the top

10 db one arm snatch, 65/45lb
20 Hollow Rocks


Coach's choice warm up


200m Run

15 Double Unders

12 box jumps 24/20 inch

4 rounds, EACH side:

15m suitcase carry
10 kb side crunch (side bends)
45 sec side plank
*This whole set is completed on one side, then change to other
**32/24kg kb




Depends on what Friday holds.