CrossFit in Easton WODS 20171218


Warm up:
2 min Cardio
10-15 Bear Complexes
Group Hip stretches

KB snatch technique

Min 1: 12 KB snatches 70/53lb
Min 2: 12 Front squats 135/95lb

400m run
2 rope climbs
10 power cleans 135/95lb
20 HR push  ups

2 min Cardio
T band:  externat rotation, rows, draw the sword
3x 10 reps and stretch shoulders as needed:  clean and strict press
Between sets do 30s side plank each side. 


 Minute 1  DB snatch x 12,  AHAP
Minute 2:  20 Hollow rocks and seated front rack BB hold for remainder of minute

5 rope pull ups
10 Db power cleans
10 HR Push ups

Warm up:
2 min cardio
Banded squat walks, then 20 banded squats
3 sets of
Clamshells x 10
Hip bridge with empty barbell x 10

Back Squats / Suitcase squats or RDL (standing adaptive only)
Working up to 2rm If you don't know the following percentages, DO THEM ALL ANYWAY by adding a little each set. Prescribed rest is REQUIRED.  This is not a 1rm, we will be doing that soon.  Keep some left in the tank.  

Warm up sets:
1. 10 reps bar only, 30s samson stretch each side
2. 5 @ 40%, 30s pigeon pose each side
3. 4 @ 50%, 30s Hindi Squat for adductor stretch, 30s Calf stretch each side
4. 3@ 60%, rest 1 minute and mobilize as needed.
5. 3 @ 70% rest 2 minutes
6. 2 @ 80% rest 2 minutes
7. Add Weight as desired for 2 reps each. Rest 2 minutes between sets

25 cal row /  20 cal bike (adaptive only)
20 lateral burpees over rower or use a bar, 2 foot take off
15 T2B

Warm up:

Running clock-- get as far as you can
For time:
Power clean 95/65lb
Front squat 95/65lb
*straight into 30m HS walk 10 mins...-- warm up OHS and do some mobility
12,9,6,3 of:
Power snatch, 1 OHS 135/95lb
50-40-30-20-10 unbroken KBS 3 mins...
For time:
100 double unders
50 dumbell snatch 65/45lb
60 pistols (alternating)


Warm up:
2 min bike, moderate
40 seated banded hip abduction
30 sit ups/hollow rocks
20 push ups
10 pull ups

Running clock
Power clean
Push up

Directly into 30 strict pullups

Rest 10 minutes—do mobility for shoulders and upper back

12-9-6-3  Snatch, 30s side plank between sets (both sides)
  Rest 3 minutes
10 Min max calorie on the bike. 

Warm up:

1 1/2 TGU (full get up and then just up) + 6 OH walking lunges x 8 sets each arm
30 sec of max reps of x shuttle runs (10m intervals)
30 sec rest
30 sec of Hollow Rocks
30 S Rest

Row 500m
Banded walks
Bear Crawl, in a square
Hip bridge 20 reps
goblet squat 20 reps
KB swing 40 reps

Deficit deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Stand on extra plates so that your grip on the barbell is lower than in your normal setup.
Suggested Warm up:  10 reps RDL, empty bar,  5 reps 40%,  3 Reps 50%,  3 Reps 70%,  move up from there. If athlete cannot perform a deficit, a modification will be provided
Scored on loads

AMRAP 12 min
4 squat cleans @ 80% of 1RM
12 Strict HSPU
*if scaling, keep HSPU strict but do off abmat(s) or box

Warm up:  2 min bike
Seated banded hip abduction
20 reps clamshells 10 each side
side planks 30s each
20 reps light db presses

Barbell hip bridge,   5 sets of 12

12 min of
4 cleans (heavy!)
12 inverted push ups