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First, I want to welcome 2019. I think we were all ready to give ‘18 the boot! This year brings a new philosophy to Another Level Fitness: The Level Method. Sounds like we created it! We didn’t but the real creators think that our gym name is the best ever! The Level Method provides a clear and methodical progression of skills, from beginner to advanced, leaving no biological system behind. This method of progressions (and rules!) evenly taxes each energy system, and grows them at the same pace: neurologically, cardiovascularly, and muscularly. This makes even, well rounded, unbreakable athletes. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the workouts have clear objectives. By choosing the belt color that is appropriate to the individual, EVERYONE gets the same workout. It FEELS the same., every time. Welcome aboard!


Testing will begin NEXT WEEK and will continue for 3 weeks. There will be scheduled time during these weeks to make up what you miss. As for next week:

  • Monday: Group 1 and Fran

  • Tuesday: Rowing/other WOD

  • Wednesday: WOD

  • Thursday: other WOD/Rowing

  • Friday: Neurological and Core

  • Saturday: make ups (10 am will continue to be a testing time that will be available as long as I am in the gym)

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: GO TO LEVELMETHOD.COM AND CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT. Use facebook or your email. Doing both will create 2 accounts. You will need the gym code, “crossfitnation” to associate your account with this gym.

If you happen to have already tested a skill, you can either retest or do the alternate workout.

Please note: Your coaches are going to be assholes about technique. Deal with it—we want you to be the best, most unbreakable athlete possible. As you figure out your overall level, I expect you will have your butt handed to you a few times. This is good. This is what you come here for—to gain what you lack. You pay for training and we intend to give you the best!



Our first Kickstart of the year will begin on the 28th. If you want to do this, I really need to know ASAP!! Payments can be made for this program. If you have never done it, it will be eye-opening and maybe even life changing! Make an appointment for you weigh in here:



February 11-19 Link will be on the website, at the top, really big. Anyone can come. #irecommendthewhiteworkout

power yoga katie martin

POWER YOGA Wednesday at 6:30

You need this. Mobility, flexibility, and a little upside down time. Truly, it will make you better at life.

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These are free. Once you have your overall level, you might consider this. Schedule 30 minutes with me to talk about LEVEL results and form a plan to get you to your goals. Several members have already identified their needs and are doing personal training. Text me for more info/set up.



Actually, it’s just the CrossFit Open. It will happen twice this year!!! Jena is in charge, so be prepared to work with your team! We will have leveled workouts and even a little leveled competition!


Guess when the next Eastern Shore Affiliate Challenge happens. May the fourth (be with you). Details to follow. You can enter to win a free spot by doing the Community Workouts. The first is here:

"Han and Chewy"

5 min AMRAP

Clean and Jerk (Triples 135/95)
Synchro Bar Facing Burpees
Must post a video for validation.

I’m sure there are typos, but I’m hungry.

See you at the gym!