Nation News April 2018

Feel free to forward the link  you got via text to anyone who is interested in the gym or the events!  

Free Trial

In celebration of our 10th year in business, we are offering a 3-Week Trial and a $50 off membership.  You'll see some pink papers on the cubbies--these are for you to give to away.  If you have a friend who joins, we will credit your membership $50 as well!  They'll be there all month long.  If anyone is wanting to try CrossFit, this is a great test drive!  

Join us April 11th from 4 to 6 for a ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce and some light fare. 

Zen Planner

We will be making the switch from Pike13 to Zen Planner THIS WEEK.  Please download the member app to your phone.  Class reservations will be required by May 1.  You'll also be able to track your workouts and lifts.  NO MORE EXCUSES---you will know how much to put on your bar.  Should you forget to reserve a spot, there are very colorful Kindles out and about the gym where you can check in.  Your coach will simply be taking attendance,  which will keep their eyes on you, where they belong.  However, it's important for us to know how many to expect in class, so that if needed, we can arrange for an additional coach. Thanks!


The Eastern Shore Affiliate Challenge is coming to Cambridge on May 5th.  The deadline for registration is coming up fast--April 15th.  Check out the Facebook page here:

There are rx'd and scaled divisions.  Register soon!  It's a partner competition. 


It's coming!  Sign up NOW!  Registration is open.  This will sell out.  6 Weeks of Food Coaching and Workouts.  Members cost: $199.  Non-members $250.  Recipes, custon portion sizing, weekly check-ins, all the CrossFit you can handle!  

Kickstart wieght loss challenge

Just a reminder about grocery delivery!  They've got special pricing for Nation partners.  

CrossFit Open.png

So you all know that Katie's team won the intramural and they will need to come see me for a Kill Cliff and a Whiteboard marker ;) And a HUGE congratulations to Carolyn Helmly who will be participating in the Master's Qualifier events beginning April 19th.  She's going to need some workout buddies!  Announcements will be made in the Facebook group and at the gym. 


See you at the gym!