Nation News January 2018

goal setting

It's a new year and most people have a goal of one kind or another that they've set.  That's great!  I encourage you to write down what you want to accomplish this year but don't stop at just listing your goals.  Pick the top three.  Let's call them your Three Big Rocks.  These are the ones that aren't negotiable.  They WILL happen.  But they won't happen on their own.  What is the game plan?  How will you get there? What are the barriers? Do you need to seek out someone with more knowledge than you have to help you overcome those obstacles? Can you do it in one year?  If you've got somewhere you want to be and need a game plan to get there, come see one of your coaches!!   

XY Games CrossFit Nation

XY 2018 February 10th.  All ability levels.  All fun.  Do it!  Get a partner of the opposite sex and start designing your team shirts!

CrossFit Open.png

It's coming!  Intramural style!  Every Friday from February 22 to March 26 we will host Friday Night Lights-- WOD and Pot Luck.  Stay tuned for more.


It's coming!  Sign up NOW!  Registration is open.  This will sell out.  If you need a boost to get your nutrition back on track, this is the way to go.  

Kickstart wieght loss challenge

I'm pleased to announce our partnership with Beat the Rush Delivery Service!  They shop and deliver your groceries and it's at a GREAT PRICE!!!!  Give yourself the gift of TIME.  Get in touch with them directly and mention your gym! If you are in the Balanced Habits Programs, they've got specials for you.