Websites and Emails Cheat Sheet!


Our Website. Here you will find the workout of the day, an appointment-making portal, schedule, and all things gym. Our blog is here, too. The password to the members only area is "iamnationstrong".

This is the Balanced Habits Recipe site. You will receive membership to the site with our Balanced Habits programs for the duration of your Balanced Habits membership. Download recipes directly from the site.


Zen Planner

This is our office software and you will create your account here, sign into classes, and keep track of your membership here. Please note that we will be with Pike13 for a few more weeks and then we are changing over to Zen Planner. You may get emails from both locations.



This is our business line. Kiersten's number is 607-768-0213. All calls forward to her phone. You may receive messages from both places.


Email addresses we use Any email address that you find on old literature will forward to one of these addresses.



We have our members only GROUP, Nation Athletes. Please request to join. Our Facebook business PAGE is CrossFit Nation. Please give it a "like." All of our promotions are advertised on this page. (@Crossfitnationmd) Please note that there are 2 other pages using this name, which has been reported. Just double check that when you check in to our page, that it really is our page.