Pack and Go Hacks


Use the Pack & Go chart so you can combine meals: brown rice, asparagus &
chicken or green beans, brown rice & fish. Package them in separate baggies
in the fridge or freezer. Simple!

Try to prep two weeks at a time when you can to give yourself more time out
of the kitchen.

When you have pieces of meals left-over, put them in zip loc baggies and then
in a freezer bag labeled with the portion size. Bring 1 Tupperware container as
a meal "plate" for the day.

Run multiple machines at once when you have to prep.

Crock Pot, skillet, oven, griddle, or outside grill so everything is done around
the same time. You can multi-task in the kitchen quite successfully!

ALWAYS have your Pack & Go chart on you. Take a picture & save it on your
phone for help making better decisions at restaurants.

“Zip-Loc out” your portions for quick grabs: nuts, jerky, chopped veggies,
fruits, wheat pretzels, hard boiled eggs, cheese and deli meat combos.

Make your own trail mix to use as a full meal/snack in your unit size: jerky as
your protein, wheat pretzels and dried fruits as your carbs, nuts as your fat.

Ground meat: Weigh your portion of cooked ground meat on a food scale.
Find a serving utensil that holds that exact amount so you can use that exact
utensil every time you cook ground meat to save you the weighing out step.

Make rice, quinoa and amaranth ahead of time and grab and go. All can be
frozen in quart-sized zip-locs and later tossed right into a skillet when needed.

Meal replacement bar in car glove box, purse and nap-sack in case of an
emergency; make sure you don’t store the type that can melt though.