Saving Money


Seems obvious, but eating out is extremely expensive! A few bucks here and there may seem harmless, but when you do the math, you’re wasting a ton of money by trying to save time or “treat” yourself. Any clue how much money you spent last time you grabbed something on the go? Was it $10, $15, $2o + Tip?

What if that happens 3 times a week? Adds up doesn’t it? And, we’re not even talking about the calories! We chose some typical places that you might regularly visit:

Starbucks average drink: About $4.00 Every morning before work

x 5= $20/week….$80 month on just coffee! Check out their Nutrition Facts on their website to see how many calories, carbs and fat you’re really getting! Yikes! We’re not against Starbucks either, but when they call a drink Skinny???? Really?

Starbucks “Bistro Box” every morning with your coffee, add $100 more a month to your morning meal!

Jamba Juice average medium smoothie: About $4.50 4 x week= $18/week….$72 month on smoothies.

*A tub of Protein Powder is about $28 bucks and can give you about 30 servings!

Subway a foot long meal plus avocado: About $ 9.50

3 x week = $28.50/week….$114 month….on sandwiches!

El Pollo Loco Grilled Chicken Salad: $7.29

3 x week = 21.87….$87.48 month on chicken salads


Pack your meals and snacks. It will save you money, calories, and time in the long run. Save your money for things you enjoy. Your body and wallet will thank you!