Prep Your Protein


When we try to stick to our new, balanced habits it helps to have some tricks up our sleeve to help us stay on track.
Here are some tricks I employ to simplify my life and help:
•Make most of my weekly protein on Sunday. Of course I have a family that I cook for, so adjust accordingly. At my house I like to be prepared for the week ahead. In this image I made a big bowl of tuna salad, about 3 pounds of chicken breast tenders using neutral seasonings, egg salad and some left- over hard boiled eggs. Now I am on track to stick to my goals and save a ton of money too!
•The hardest part done.  The rest of the meals can be “built” around the protein.
•I prep the protein I made so I can toss things together quickly. In example, I diced up the chicken and slice up the cooked links.
•If I don’t get to all of the protein I prepped I can freeze quite a bit of it for future use.
•Sunday night, I toss together enough little meals, in my unit portions, to get me through my work day for two days. In the morning all I have to do is grab them and I am set for two days at the office! I stay on track and save money. I do this every other night.