Around Town, Dining Out


Eating out doesn’t have to completely unravel your healthy eating lifestyle.

You still follow the same principles; timing, portion sizes, and balanced choices. Don’t over-think it and voice your preferences, remember you are the one paying for the food. Regardless of what type of restaurant you are dining in, we wanted to give you a guide to help you with your choices.

Mexican Style:

Tostada/Taco Salads

  • Do not eat shell. Use salsa as dressing. Easy cheese. No sour cream. Easy guacamole/avocado. Grilled chicken, steak, fish. 3-5 oz.


  • Single wrapped corn tortillas. Grilled chicken, steak, fish. Shrimp (large)-1 per unit. LIght on the cheese. No sour cream. Easy guacamole/avocado (it’s a fat)

Chicken Fajitas

  • Eat ½ the portion, take the rest home. Corn tortillas. Eat the veggies.

  • Rice and beans as side

  • Black or whole pinto beans. No refried. Brown rice if offered. Eat ½ order.


Italian Style:


  • Easy croutons. Easy parmesan cheese. Dressing on side-make it an oil based one. Olives are fats too.

  • Avoid bread/breadsticks.

Side of Meatballs

  • Order a side salad for carbs. Easy sauce/cheese.


  • Thin crust. Whole wheat crust if offered. No white pizzas. Chicken or turkey sausage as pizza meat. Easy cheese. Add veggies- mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, pineapple etc...Only 1-2 slices

Pasta Dishes

  • Avoid white sauces. Get protein in your dish- Seafood, chicken, lean beef, lean pork- 3-5 oz. Small fist size portion of pasta.


  • Cup portion. Avoid creamy or pasta loaded soups. Veggie loaded soups-don’t forget protein with dinner.


Appetizer Type Food-Have as your balanced meal:

Hummus Dip

  • Eat with veggies, small salad. No chips. Limit portion 4-5 oz.

Chicken/Tofu Lettuce Wraps

  • Go easy on dipping sauces.

Asian Inspired: * Be aware these foods are usually high in sodium. Rice adds A LOT of carbs.

Shrimp or Tofu Spring Rolls (4)

  • The clear ones, not fried egg-rolls. Eat as your meal. Easy on the dipping sauce.

Egg Drop Soup

  • Have a bowl size

Protein choices

  • Avoid dark meats, fried and breaded versions


Breakfast Joints:


  • However ordered: 1 yolk per meal


  • Egg whites. Easy cheese. Load up with veggies. Ask for no oil used in preparation.

Breakfast Meats

  • Keep to one piece/slice. Turkey options if offered.


  • Whole Wheat, sourdough, rye, English muffin. Half of serving. Order dry. Avoid jellies.


  • Fruits- cups/bowls. Limit banana. ½ cup potatoes, ½ cup cottage cheese.

  • 1 cup plain Oatmeal


  • Water as your beverage. No juice. Get your nutrients from food.

Fast Food Type: *Try to avoid, but just in case

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

  • Omit any mayo type sauces; mustard is best.


  • Go to a place that uses a GRILL; add your own condiments; stick to ketchup & mustard. No cheese. Go bun-less if possible.


  • Make sure to get some grilled chicken or other protein included. Add your own dressing.

General Rules of Thumb:

  • If unsure about contents or portion; ASK!

  • Sauces, butter, and dressings on the side, if at all.

  • Get a to-go box with your meal.

  • Make the decision to control your portion and stick to it

  • Eat the protein and veggies first

  • Politely refuse chips and bread before dinner. Or avoid places that will offer them

  • Order Al-la-Carte. You can almost always get a grilled protein with veggie sides

  • Dessert- 3 bites will do ya fine

  • Enjoy the time out and do your best!